Welcome to the SoftSkillsTraining.com – your ultimate resource on how to prepare your “soft skills” side for career success. My name is Vadim Mikhailenko and I am her to help you on your journey and answer any of the questions you might have to help get you to get ahead and grow in your career. Everything on this site is a result of my own research and inputs from others to help you get ahead in your career and improve your professional relationships.

Thank you for the gift of time – I realize you are busy and created this web site to provide experiences that best fit the goals and schedule of the busy people. I am here to help you focus on the most important soft skills to get you ahead:

You might be asking – can soft skills be learned? Or is this something you born with or just get as part of the experience interacting with others? My personal life experience and my teaching experience working with the students shows that most of the soft skills can be learned. And what is more importantly soft skills can be demonstrated during high stake life situations (i.e. important business interactions, leadership presentations, interviews etc.) Most of the time I see my roal is to teach and advise you on how to amplify what you already have and bring their best of your self to the important discussion you are getting ready for to show your best qualities you already have.

I see my mission to help you to look for what you have accomplished in life, organize the information and provide the best answers during the interview to get hired. I am here to show you how to realize your internal potential and demonstrate the confidence and bring the best of your personality. I am here to teach you to be a better person and learn soft skills along the way. Sometimes there are no easy tips and trick you will find on this site: almost all of the advice is based on the most recent human psychology research and requires critical self assessment. But the results you get are totally worth it: you will get the job you desire, you will be an effective employee and will grow and enjoy your career for the years to come.

I have been teaching soft skills for a long time and developed multiple courses that help you learn them. Over the years I have learned what works and what doesn’t and I am excited to share all of this information with you. The methods I share with you here have been tested again and again and they deliver results. On the personal note I have tried them myself, with the great success, to change and improve my life: I have lived the ideas I am expressing in this training and these ideas do work.

Good luck and I wish you all the best,