Who is Vadim Mikhailenko

My name is Vadim Mikhailenko and I run SoftSkillsTrainingHQ  resource to help you solve employee engagement challenges in your organization. I built career as business consultant, advising executives on how to tap into human creativity and potential for Fortune 500 companies in Milwaukee area. My 20+ years of experience working with people gives me opportunity to share with you what works in the business world to help you get ahead, collaborate, build relationships and driver results.

I am a life-long learner that is fascinated with how the human mind works, as well as the science and psychology behind human behavior and success and was always interested in doing employee engagement and soft skills training research as part of my consulting engagements. And I had opportunities to try and see what works when I was helping companies build high performance teams, through project execution.

Why do I specialize on solving employee engagement crisis

Throughout my career I have studied the impact people being promoted into managerial roles without necessary skills to lead people and negative consequences it had created to employee engagement. I have created and validated a model of how disengagement starts, why disengagement happens and it can actually be improved within your organization.

I embrace the challenge of the problem that went unsolved in most organization for the decades and passionate about making a difference: solving it means more productive and more financially stable organizations,  less stressful and more exciting work environment and happier lives for employees. In fact recent research found a link between employees taking dis-engagement from work to families and reporting happier relationship with partners and kids, once it was solved in their lives.

I offer variety of services for different stakeholders that are involved in solving employee engagement at organizations:

  • Facilitating workshops to better understand the challenge, analyze survey results and creating an action plan on how to address the challenge in your organization
  • Help analyze employee engagement survey results: there is a story behind every response in the survey and sometimes it is captured with responses but sometimes it might require additional follow up to be uncovered.
  • Train and Coach managers on how to engage employees in the way people want to be engaged. I am a strong believer that Employee engagement is the skill that could be learned by managers: we just need to give them the right tools and help
  • Help evaluate talent acquisition strategies and skills your organization is looking for when bringing in top managerial talent. They Hiring and promoting the right managers that can engage employees
  • Offer innovative methods for organization to change the way work gets done: I have a lot of coaching experience and led multiple transformations withing the company switching to waterfall execution into Agile execution for various different team. Such transformation helped build strong teams, focus on employee strength and deliver substation performance and productivity improvements.