Your first leadership assignment. What does it mean? And how to be successful

You just got promoted to the leadership role. Congratulations!!! Exciting times are ahead for you. Key things to remember:

  • Your new role has more challenges and more responsibilities
  • You are transition from being an individual contributor into the role when you will be leading other people
  • Key difference between individual contributor and your new role: you rely on others to be successful

Your role definition is changing effective immediately:

  • Now you are responsible for what team is doing
  • Personnel and Performance issues
  • In charge of projects
  • Vision for the team, Strategy and Execution
  • Creating Policies and Procedures
  • You have opportunity now to make a difference in lives of other people and make impact on organization

You might wonder – how can you do all of this.

  • Good thing: people that promoted you believe that you can.
  • And they believe that you will be successful in this role
  • This is how they made this decision

I am excited to be here to help you with this journey

Download Slide referenced in this material – Considerations for you your First Leadership Assignment

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